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Management,Cost Accounting

Operations sponsor

Registered Safety Engineer

Three-dimensional Designer

Management,Cost Accounting

Two years of experience Junior College One

Job description

             1、Responsible for the specific implementation of the projects undertaken by the advertising department: formulating the relevant Project Organization Management Plan, responsible for the overall project material, technology, construction technology support management, scientific and effective management of project budget and final accounts, project cost, and project construction, etc;

            2、To supervise the implementation of the project, organize and guide the implementation of the health and safety status of construction personnel.


            1、Putonghua standard, college degree or above, 2-5 years working experience;

            2、Has the spirit of hardworking, with a certain degree of anti-pressure ability;

            3、Familiar with exhibition production materials;

            4、Strong construction management ability;

            5、Proficiency in office software and graphic design software;

              6、Skillful use of operating office automation equipment and common construction equipment. Telephone:027-84706997

Operations sponsor

One years of experience Junior College Two

Job description

           1、Works in the undertaking department of exhibition business and is mainly responsible for the undertaking of exhibitions;

           2、Strong planning and organizing ability, medium-sized and above activities planning experience, marketing experience is preferred.


          1、Under the age of 28, men and women are not limited;

          2、Have the spirit of hard work and endurance;

          3、Have a certain degree of pressure resistance and good coordination, communication and expression skills and teamwork ability;

          4、Full-time undergraduates are enrolled in a unified way, and "211" key schools are preferred. Telephone:027-84706997

Registered Safety Engineer

Three years of experience Undergraduate One

Job description

          1、Familiar with national safety production laws and regulations, familiar with safety production standards and norms; 

          2、Organize safety training and propaganda to enhance safety awareness and skills of trainees; 

          3、Investigation of the project site and suggestions for rectification of safety violations; 

          4、Organize safety emergency drills; 

          5、Safety inspection on site, organization of potential safety hazards and risk identification.


          1、Bachelor degree or above, 3 years working experience in related positions; 

          2、Familiar with safety management of production site;

          3、Knowledge of Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Management System ;

          4、Holding Certificate of National Registered Safety Engineer. Telephone:027-84706997

Three-dimensional Designer

Five years of experience Undergraduate Two

Job description:

          1、Responsible for project design;

          2、Reasonable operation technology, material quality, creative and innovative ability.


         1、Bachelor degree or above, major in design;

         2、Proficiency in 3D design software;

         3Having more than 5 years'experience in exhibition and Exhibition industry, I am familiar with the characteristics of industry development;

         4、Representational works, strong creative thinking ability;

         5、Be able to complete the design independently according to the requirement, and have a high degree of acceptance;

         6、Strong communication skills and team spirit. Telephone:027-84706997

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