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Center introduction

Wuhan International Expo Center is a multi-functional composite international Expo mall with the largest scale in central China and the most comprehensive supporting facilities.

Expo mall takes exhibition, display and conference as main functions, integrated with convention and exhibition, science and technology, culture, business, leisure, travel and residence as a whole. It is “city parlor” of Wuhan for external display and incorporating things of diverse nature, and undertakes the important task of Wuhan to greatly develop modern service industry and cultivate the industry of convention and exhibition as the growth point of new industry.

The core projects of Expo center includes exhibition hall, conference center, InterContinental Hotel, Global (Cultural) Center, National Expo Wisdom Building, etc., covering the area of 6253 mu, with the total investment of about 50 billion. Since the core projects were started to establish and put into use, Wuhan International Expo Center has become the best choice for international exhibition, conference and activity in central China.

Wuhan International Expo Center will devote to improving urban convention and exhibition function to take urban development as its own mission, promote Wuhan convention and exhibition industry to rapidly develop with high quality and achieve “city exhibition hall” in Yangtze River Economic Zone.


WIEC outdoor scene

Wuhan International Expo Center

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