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The comprehensive Expo City

Wuhan International Expo Center, a modern composite Expo mall, is along the central axis of Sixin Xincheng, Hanyang. In the north, it connects the second ring, along Yangsigang Bridge, Yingwuzhou Bridge. In the south, it connects the third ring of Baishazhou Bridge, and the riverbank of the Yangtze River of Qingchuan Avenue, Guobo Avenue, Yingwu Avenue, Jiangcheng Avenue and Sixin Nanbei Road. It is directly connected with national highway 318 and Shanghai–Chengdu Expressway. The venue has the connection with Guobo center north station and south station on subway No. 6 Line. The traffic is so convenient.

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The exhibition venue of Wuhan International Expo Center is shaped in 12 pieces of chimes, covering the area of 460 thousand square meters, with two floors. The whole property area reaches 700 thousand square meters. The exhibition venue adapts astylar design. The exhibition halls are separated by slip door. After the six halls are connected, there will be 65 thousand square meters’ continuous exhibition area at most. The venue can provide 6880 standard booths, and the internal exhibition area is about 150 thousand square meters. The exhibition area of external square outside the gate of internal exhibition venue is about 40 thousand square meters. The open and wide place provides free and extensive room for the host’s activity creativity. The surrounding theme parks have beautiful scenery, natural leisure, and it is the best place for square show and open-air concert, etc.

exhibition area
exhibition area
Professional and intimate Exhibition Service

The venue has top facilities and professional services. The conference center and InterContinental Hotel as the supporting facilities of Expo mall can provide conveniently comprehensive services and diverse choices for the hosts.
It adheres to the management concept of “down-to-earth”, “innovative”, “integrated” and “responsible”. Wuhan International Expo Center will continue to pursue, insist in optimizing business management level, improve service quality, closely follow the new development of industries, constantly meet market and client demands, and devote to becoming the venue with the best service experience in China.

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wuhan international expo center

A live view of the pavilion

A live view of the pavilion

A live view of the pavilion

A live view of the pavilion

A live view of the pavilion

A live view of the pavilion

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Wuhan International Expo Center

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